My wife's fight with breast cancer - a photographic journey

The Battle We Didn't Choose is a powerful and incredibly sad collection of pictures by photographer Angelo Merendino, documenting his wife Jennifer's battle with breast cancer.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist.

Theirs is a story that begins with Angelo plucking up the courage to reveal his feelings to Jennifer before following her to New York from Cleveland. The pair enjoyed a blissful period of dating, getting engaged and then finally tying the knot - but just five months after their wedding, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although it was a huge shock, the newlyweds embraced the challenge and grew closer.

Throughout the hardships, Angelo decided to document as much as he could - hiding nothing and sharing everything that is truly horrible about this disease. The result is a raw and heartbreaking account of what someone has to go through when battling cancer. Sadly, it was a battle Jennifer didn't win.

Now, to honour his late wife Jennifer, who passed away at the age of 40, Angelo has composed these images into a digital book available to purchase through his website. He has even started The Love You Share, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide financial assistance to women in need while they are receiving treatment for breast cancer. Fifty per cent of the profits from sales of his book will be donated to the cause. As Angelo said on his website: "I cannot think of a better way to honour Jennifer's legacy than by helping others."


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