Morrissey's Cards of Love are designed to make you smirk, smile and shed a tear

Alon Avissar is a Washington-based art director and illustrator. He's recently created a series of tongue-in-cheek greetings cards – Morrissey's Cards of Love – which being Manchester-based I couldn't resist sharing.

He explains: "I've always been a huge fan of The Smiths. In addition to the brilliance of the music itself, I always got a kick out of Morrissey's lyrics as they had the ability of being both self deprecating and utterly pompous at the same time.

"I then figured these tongue and cheek lyrics would make for some really entertaining parodies of traditional Valentine's Day style cards if accompanied by the proper imagery. So broke out my pen and pad and presto, Morrissey's Cards of Love were the result.

"I started with placing images of Moz's face on super cheesy romantic stock photos. Once I found the best combination of imagery, I began drawing these out on my iPad. I then explored what might be the best way to present these as a set for print and found myself being inspired by old Curt Teich travel postcards that featured multiple attached images in a single envelope.

"After much printing/folding/cutting trial and error, the final product turned out lovely and has since been received beautifully by a number of stores and sensitive emo kids nationwide." Discover more at Alon Designs.


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