Moments of solitude in vast open spaces captured in beautiful minimalist photography

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

For his series On His Own, Polish photographer and student Paweł Franik has captured solitary figures in vast open spaces, creating the most beautiful minimalist shots that really hit home the beauty of being alone.

Instead of evoking a sense of isolation, Franik's work celebrates precious moments that we enjoy away from others, when we have a chance to step back and reflect on life. He achieves this sentiment by placing all of his subjects in the centre of the frame, portraying each individual's need of 'alone time'.

Speaking of his work, he explained: "We live in a world of tremendous acceleration and where there is a constant quest for our purposes. In a world where there is no place for the proverbial 'minute for one's own self', the time when you can stop, talk to your own thoughts and feel the desirable harmony is important."

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