City Space explores the stark light and shadow of the urban environment

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

For her beautiful ongoing series City Space, Chicago photographer Clarissa Bonet loves to explore the stark difference between light and shadow within the urban environment, while highlighting all the city's interesting shapes and elements.

Speaking of the project, Bonet said: "The urban space is striking. Its tall and mysterious buildings, crowds of anonymous people, an endless sea of concrete constantly intrigue me... I am interested in the physical space of the city and its emotional and psychological impact on the body. These photographs reconstruct mundane events in the city that I have personally experienced or witnessed in public.

"Stark light, deep shadow and muted colour are visual strategies I explore to describe the city. I use the city as a stage and transform the physical space into a psychological one. The images I create do not represent a commonality of experience but instead provide a personal interpretation of the urban landscape."

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