The Stack notebook is an exploration of functional beauty, colour and texture

Is there anything more satisfying than opening up a brand new notebook? We think not. And when it comes to the notebook in question, is there any more beautiful than Stack by Singapore-based studio, ACRE Design?

The creative team explains the project: "French philosopher Gaston Bachelard once said, “The blank page gives us the right to dream.

"As designers, we know that nothing holds more promise than a fresh canvas, or a beautiful new page. We also know that having the right notebook can make a world of difference in the creative process – so we decided to create our own.

"Stack is an exploration of functional beauty, and a quiet celebration of colour and texture. The notebook’s sheets feature four subtle shades of peach-pink, which are set against a stately combination of silver endpapers and a textured navy blue cover.

"There are four kinds of pages: ruled, dotted, gridded, and blank, and they come together to lend themselves to helping you make sense of your thoughts – whatever they may be, and whatever shape they may take."

Via Behance | All images copyright of ACRE Design


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