Masha Manapov's illustrations take a deeper look at the everyday products we consume

In her ongoing side project, The Small Print, Masha Manapov loves to illustrate the hidden life of the products we consume.

"I'm on a mission to create a visual dictionary that will make the labelling jargon accessible to all," said Masha. "I asked questions, researched, learned, sobbed, got mad and disheartened. These are the stories that most of us wish not to hear. Stories about places, people, land, wildlife and us as consumers."

Her illustrations might highlight the chemicals that go into our food or perhaps the damage we're doing to the environment. They might hint at the price we pay for air travel or consider the felling of trees. It's a sensitive project that combines all her skills.

Born in Baku, raised in Tel Aviv and currently based in Bristol, Masha is working as a full-time freelance designer and specialises in publishing, editorial and surface design. Her impressive client list includes The Independent, Wired and the New York Times, and she has exhibited her work globally.


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