Lindsey Thomas's adorable needlefelt animals riding bicycles and wearing party hats

All images courtesy of Lindsey Thomas. Via Creative Boom submission.

"I find joy in the way a pile of fluff can be magically transformed into whatever animal might be summoned from my mind," says Lindsey Thomas, a textile artist based in London.

Working from her home studio, she pokes and stabs at wool with needles from industrial feltmaking machines. They have barbs which repeatedly catch the fibres as she stabs, enmeshing them into a sculpted three-dimensional form in a process which has come to be known as needle felting.

"Once the face is there with eyes to peer at me as I stab life into the creatures, I fall a little bit in love with them," she adds.

Lindsey graduated in Illustration from Middlesex University in 2012 where she experimented with mixed media. But it wasn't until a few years later that she discovered the "wonderful ability of wool" to transform her illustrated characters into 3D sculptures. "As a child, I was forever drawing animals and imagining what they would be like if they could peel themselves from the paper. Now I know!"

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