Heroes in Stone: Léo Caillard's classical busts reimagined as superheroes

All images courtesy of Leo Caillard. Via Creative Boom submission.

French artist Leo Caillard went viral in 2013 when his Hipsters in Stone series was picked up by international press and shared with millions worldwide. Now he's back with a new project, Heroes in Stone – depicting our favourite superheroes as carved classical busts.

We're talking Batman, Captain America, Superman, Ironman and Spiderman – it's as though they've saved us from many disaster and now we want to pay tribute to them, so that future generations will know that they existed.

But these aren't actual sculptures; they are photographs that have been digitally retouched and played with to create new imagery that brings together old and new to deliver a contemporary twist on traditional fine art.

Based in Paris, Léo invites us to rediscover and question our social environment with a lightness of touch, humour and sensitivity. Since we discovered his work three years ago, he has also taken up sculpture and contemporary illustration, as well as photography. You can discover more of his work at leocaillard.com or follow him on Instagram.