Ghost helps spread sunny optimism in its cheerful identity for a new wellness app

As the nights draw in and the cold, grey days are upon us, it's important we keep a check on our mental health. New wellness app Lemon & Black hopes to offer a beacon of light amongst the gloom, and its new identity by design studio Ghost certainly brings some sunshine.

Aspiring mental wellness company Lemon & Black approached Ghost at the beginning of the year with a long-held vision: to be a beacon of hope and happiness in the mental wellness world. It aims to "help people discover their inner sunshine, even on their darkest days, by offering effective tools and support for emotional well-being". But as a startup, it had no established brand or messaging. Ghost stepped in to design its identity from scratch and develop a tone of voice that would resonate with its target audience.

Working closely with its team, Ghost identified the essence of Lemon & Black: "filling people's days with sunshine". Straightforward yet profound, the concept guides its brand direction as it prepares to "shine brightly" and help hundreds find their daily dose of sunshine.

The logotype itself is inspired by the iconic smiley face ideogram that emerged in the 1950s and has become one of the most recognised symbols in the world. In this case, Ghost adopts Lemon & Black's initials as the face's eyes above a confident smile.

"The design concept reflects the brand's core essence, infusing optimism and brightness into everyday life," explains Mike Sweeting, creative director at Ghost. The chosen colour palette revolves around a vibrant sunny yellow, starkly contrasting the muted tones accompanying it. "This combination symbolises the journey from challenging 'rainy' days to the sunshine of better mental health," says Mike, "serving as a universal metaphor for the ups and downs we all experience in life."

To add to this cheerful approach, Ghost integrated clean, contemporary iconography and organic shapes to evoke a sense of balance and unity. Meanwhile, the design language draws inspiration from nature and is communicated through a blend of warm and inviting fonts, reinforcing the idea of nurturing one's inner sunshine. The hero type family is the fancy and playful Pink Crestelle, designed by Kadek Mahardika and published via Creative Media Lab.

"Today, Lemon & Black is on the verge of becoming a brand that's about to shine brightly," says Ghost. "With its fresh identity and a clear, uplifting message, they are getting ready to help hundreds of people fill their days with sunshine."

Based in Burton upon Trent, Ghost was founded by David Agnew in 2001. You can discover more of its recent projects at


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