LEGO launches campaign for creativity with fun TV ad

LEGO's latest TV ad combines live-action and CG animation to brilliant effect and spearheads a new campaign by the brand to promote creativity in children.

The fun spot, directed by the award-winning Traktor collective, follows the chase between a clever rabbit and an unlucky hunter and unfolds in the kind of unpredictable worlds that LEGO users can create using their imaginations.

Every character, animal and vehicle in the ad is based on an existing or past LEGO toy, so heads spin 360 degrees, everyday objects are outsized, and a boat can suddenly fly with a little help from a palm tree. The ad also features several Easter eggs: hidden nods to the brand’s heritage for fans to spot.

It's part of a new global campaign by LEGO, entitled Rebuild The World, that seeks to focus attention on creative problem solving as one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

Launched by singer-songwriter Mark Ronson in Denmark, the campaign comes at a time when inspiring creativity is becoming an increasing economy necessity. The World Economic Forum ‘Future of Jobs Report’ places it in the top three skills the job market will require from 2020. And this is a claim 70 per cent of UK business leaders agree with, according to research carried out by LEGO.

The implication is that parents need to get their children playing with LEGO if they're to have a secure economic future, although to LEGO's credit this is never explicitly spelt out. The brand is, though, hosting free 'Rebuilder' workshops in cities across London, USA and China throughout October, allowing youngsters to get hands-on with its interlocking bricks and start getting creative.