From Somewhere, To Elsewhere: Raw street photography captured in Tokyo, Japan

This series by Yota Yoshida, entitled From Somewhere, To Elsewhere, provides a raw depiction of Tokyo city-dwellers carrying out their everyday 'comings and goings'.

All images courtesy of Yota Yoshida

All images courtesy of Yota Yoshida

​"As the title indicates, this story takes the simple format of coming from somewhere and heading away elsewhere. As with numerous stories, the beginning and ending are slightly similar.

"This structure is primarily influenced by the novel authored by Jorge Luis Borges, as well as Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? by Paul Gauguin, which focuses on the topics of circularity and the view of life and death in Buddhism."

Although the theme is simple, the images are nevertheless stunning, which is a testament to Yoshida's talent. However, the photographer is entirely self-taught, inspired by "everything", particularly "invisible things like various emotions and poetical impression."

Yota is originally from a small town in North Kumamoto, Japan. Discover more of his work at


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