Kind of Cyan flies the flag for oldest form of photography in the digital age

Kind of Cyan is a studio based in Barcelona, specialising in cyanotype prints. The cyanotype process is one of the oldest in the history of photography, and during the current digital revolution, founders Natalia and Ryan feel the need to look back at a craft that is handmade, analogue and uses an all natural light source – the sun.

The duo explains: "Our cyanotypes are made by coating high-quality watercolour paper with a light-sensitive chemical, to then be exposed in direct sunlight for several minutes using a photo negative to get the best image quality.

"The print is then washed and fixed, to stop the chemical reaction and prevent fading. What you get is an amazing, Prussia blue image, with absolutely no ink involved."

This particular series features familiar scenes from film and art, presented in wooden frames. If you like what you see, visit the Kind of Cyan online shop.


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