Time Machine: Swirling photographs of Bauhaus and Art Deco staircases in Budapest

For me, this glorious series of images by Balint Alovits reminds me of Day of the Tentacle, a classic computer game that I spent hours happily playing as a kid. Entitled Time Machine, the swirls and twists of various staircases, shot from above, can be disorientating and as though you're falling down Lewis Carroll's rabbit hole.

Apparently, it's a deliberate study of Bauhaus and Art Deco caracoles in Budapest, Hungary. "The photographs show spiral staircases from the same central perspective," explains Balint. "With the pulling energy of these spiral forms, the works of Time Machine create a new dimension by splitting space and time, while staying within the visual limits of the project’s concept, while the perception of the architectural details evokes the idea of infinity."

A freelance photographer in Budapest, Balint graduated from the Metropolitan University with a degree in photography in 2014. His photographic work is simple, precise and airy and most of his projects are based on spatiality. Find out more at www.balintalovits.com.

All images courtesy of Balint Alovits


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