How & How's identity for Kick Game aims to please 'aspiring sneakerheads'

How do you elevate sneakers to an even higher grade of fashion and art? That was the question put to Lisbon & London studio How & How just before Christmas, as part of a brief to create a new strategic position and visual identity for Kick Game.

The high-end sneaker brand has its eyes on the new luxury consumer and wants to become the number one destination for rate and sold-out sneakers globally. So founder Cat How and her team carried out some extensive consumer research and revealed a new "laser-focused" group: young 20 to 30-year-old "aspiring sneakerheads" who will "soon make up 60% of the global luxury market," according to the agency.

"Brand savvy, career-obsessed and highly driven individuals, these 'style instigators' embrace new ideas and subscribe to a 'higher grade' of fashion," says Cat. "We looked at ways we could elevate the brand and inspire our new consumers. Commercially, the brand curates and resells sneakers with world-class customer service. Visually, we looked at doing the same: turning towards art and bold art frames as a way to reshape and elevate sneakers."

How & How looked at shoe details, finishings and authentication marks as a way of "blending the concept of an exclusive sneaker, which is bought and sold much like a commodity, with luxury art," as the agency puts it.

It used the typeface Adieu in a customised logotype – Adieu being an extended sans serif inspired by sports culture and high speed that also works well as display. The new identity was rolled out across a new website and into a campaign to re-launch the Kick Game brand across social media and beyond.


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