Beatrix Hatcher is a bookworm and future picture book star

How many books did you read last year? Beatrix Hatcher read 25. Oh, and she made one too.

The Kingston upon Thames creative makes playful, characterful illustrations with a textured feel that prove irresistible. A 2019 Illustration grad from Arts University Bournemouth, Beatrix moved to Kingston upon Thames shortly after to set up as a freelance illustrator. Over email with Creative Boom, the creator tells us their biggest project so far has been her first picture book with Hachette Children’s, due to be published in 2022.

"It was such a fun project to work on," Beatrix tells us, "and I was lucky to be busy with it throughout the first COVID lockdown in England as it provided a distraction from everything else that was it going on at the time. I think because I was so wholly focused on it, I didn’t have time to process 2020 as it was unfolding. When I finally finished the book in October, a wave of feelings caught up with me all in one go, and I was completely drained emotionally and creatively."

"It took a lot of stamina to work for so long on one project, so I’ve taken a bit of time for myself over the past few months to slow down and work on personal projects."

Beatrix tells us she's come into 2021 feeling refreshed and excited to start working on new projects. "In addition to experimenting more in my approach to illustration, I’m hoping to continue making new connections in the creative industry as well as working on as many exciting creative projects as I possibly can. I’m also planning to get into more animation and design work."

"I’d also love to work on more projects covering issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing, as these are subjects that really interest me."

She also plans to read at least 30 books in 2021. "In terms of inspiration and what makes me tick, I read a lot in my free time which feeds into my creative work, and helps to inform my interest in narrative illustration and telling stories through images."

Beatrix says her style is a collection of things that she enjoys herself in illustration, as borrowed from other places and assembled in her own way into something that feels "comfortable and familiar."

"Having spent four years experimenting with illustration at uni, I think it’s quite easy to become 'tight' in your creative approach after graduating, so I’m hoping to experiment a bit more with my style this year and combine more handmade processes with my digital work. I see my approach to illustration as an ever-evolving process, which keeps things exciting and I definitely believe is a healthy approach to a creative career!"

You can follow Beatrix Hatcher's burgeoning career on Instagram here.


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