Jon Burgerman goes Splat! for fun new children's book that squishes everything inside

When you turn the pages of Jon Burgerman's new book, Splat!, everything gets splatted onto the following page. The fun and hilarious children's book is the latest offering from the award-winning artist, who is renowned for his bright and colourful doodles, murals, sculptures, toys and apparel.

See what happens when you discover a freshly baked pie and turn the page – Splat! Or what about an insect sandwich – Splat! Or perhaps some water balloons – Splat! It's a visually pleasing load of laughs with no cleanup required, appealing to both adults and children alike.

Available from Oxford University Press, priced at just £6.99. For more information about Burgerman, read our interview or visit his website at

All images shot for Creative Boom by Sarah Darby at Oxford University Press


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