Surreal digital illustrations take influence from prog rock album covers and dreams

When Gordon Reid was invited to give a talk at OFFF festival in Barcelona, he was also asked to create a piece of artwork for a book to coincide. The brief was open to interpretation, centred on illustrating dreams. And as Gordon already often dreams up his work in some way, he knew just where to start.

He explains: "I've been working with a very talented 3D designer called Tamas Arpadi for a while now and knew he'd be perfect for the project. The brief was really open to interpretation, basically to illustrate your dreams. So with that, because I very often end up dreaming about my work in some way or another, I wanted to create a literal doorway and build the piece up with segments from my work around it and bring them to life with beautiful 3D rendering.

"For this piece, I was inspired by all sorts of surreal pictures, anything from prog rock album covers to illustrations. Tamas' work inspired me greatly too and I wanted to make sure I gave him freedom to play and add in some of his signature pieces too, so it was a mixed bag of influences."

In terms of his creative process, he adds: "When I'm not blagging it, I sketch everything out first, get it all right in my head using either isometric or graph paper, I then digitise the pieces once I've got it all worked out. For this piece I gave Tamas a couple of drawn guides so he knew what was coming, then got everything coloured and gave him a big suite of vector illustrations to work with. We then chose a solid colour palette and went 3D!"

The Art Director has recently launched a new website featuring his portfolio and some nifty merchandise. You can check it out here


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