How to Draw Type and Influence People: A new book by Sarah Hyndman

We're all type consumers and interact with type on a daily basis – at the supermarket, when we go out to eat, and when we work. Typefaces in all shapes and sizes can evoke an emotional response and trigger associated memories before we've even read the words.

How to Draw Type and Influence People is a new book by Sarah Hyndman, published by Laurence King, that shows how we use type to understand different messages. Each typeface is introduced and explained and then creative exercises show us how to draw each font and invites us to explore the associations evoked by the styles, to reveal why they have come about and how to create our own versions.

Ideal for all those who work with type daily, this book provides an accessible way in to the world of typefaces, for the general reader, but also graphic designers who want to explore fonts in more detail and design their own letterforms.

Author Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer, author and public speaker, known for her interest in the psychology of type. Her aim is to change the way we think and talk about typography by demonstrating that it is fun and accessible for everybody. Sarah leads tailored workshops and runs events, and in 2014 she delivered a TEDx talk. She collaborates with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford. Purchase the book via Laurence King.


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