Jeremy Booth turns our iPhone apps into a cool vinyl record or classic sneaker collection

If you haven't got round to updating your iPhone to iOS 14 yet, where you can enjoy home screen customisation (oh yes!), then perhaps American illustrator Jeremy Booth can convince you to find the time today.

He's just released two packs where you can transform your apps into vinyl records or classic sneakers. Apps for Twitter and Instagram transform into clever album sleeves which take cues from the social platforms' logos, or classic trainers of the Nike Jordan 1 or Nike Air Max variety.

To guide you through the process of overhauling your screen, Jeremy has created some helpful instructions on his website.

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Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where he still lives today, Jeremy mainly works in illustration, but still enjoys graphic design and often will combine both in his work. His style is often called Vector Noir with a focus on light and shadow throughout his art. Select clients include Amazon, Samsung and Digital Ocean. Discover more at


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