JDO shakes up the cocktail industry with refreshing new identity for The Glenlivet

International strategic design agency JDO has collaborated with premium spirits company Pernod Ricard to design the identity for an innovative line of ready-to-serve whisky-based cocktails from the world-renowned Glenlivet distillery.

Founded in 1824, Scotland's Glenlivet distillery has established itself as the premier name in the world of single malt scotch whiskies. No stranger to innovation, the Glenlivet distillery is constantly looking for ways to shake up its cocktails in a way that surprises and stays true to the brand. And with its new Twist & Mix Cocktails and the work of JDO and Pernod Ricard, it's done exactly that.

Touted as an exciting innovation in the field of whisky-based cocktails, The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails break tradition by allowing drinkers to enjoy the number one single malt scotch whisky brand from home without the need for complex recipes, bar equipment, and annoying leftover ingredients.

To help communicate this first-of-its-kind offering, JDO and Pernod Ricard were enlisted to create an identity that not only upheld and strengthened The Glenlivet's prestigious reputation but also ushered in the completely new and modern way to experience its single malt scotch whisky.

This was achieved by a golden silhouette of a sleek bottle which forms the basis of the branding. Paired with a plume of colour that blooms down its neck, the design also evocatively illustrates how the innovative mixer technology works.

"The final result is a stylish, inviting design that challenges assumptions about ready-to-serve cocktails, creating belief in a premium cocktailing experience to enjoy at home," says Malcolm Phipps, Creative Director at JDO.

The clever droplet motif emphasises the quality and simplicity at the heart of The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails. In three simple steps – twist the cap, watch it mix, pour it over ice – users can world-class cocktails from the comfort of their homes.

Appetising photos of Old Fashioned and New Manhatten cocktails add to the identity's sensory appeal, while on the bottle itself, The Glenlivet's equities have been thoughtfully reimagined to communicate the excitement of this groundbreaking offering.

"The launch of The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails is the latest example of The Glenlivet leading the category in modernising single malt scotch whisky," said Johan Radojewski, Vice President Marketing – Scotch, Irish & Prestige Whisk(e)y, Pernod Ricard USA.

"With this new innovative product, we are inspiring people to enjoy single malt scotch whisky on more occasions and providing a solution to meet consumer demand for high quality, freshly mixed cocktails that are easy to serve and enjoy with friends and family."


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