Hudson-Powell revamps robotics identity for Intrinsic and creates bespoke visual tool

Robotics software company Intrinsic has received a new visual identity reboot and visual tool courtesy of graphic design studio, Hudson-Powell.

Hudson-Powell has created a new brand identity for Intrinsic, which is the software powering the future of robotics. Besides the new look, the team has also created a generative image and video-making tool for Intrinsic for businesses and developers to use.

As part of Google's Alphabet family, Intrinsic graduated from Google X in 2021 and is headed up by the British tech entrepreneur Wendy Tan White.

Intrinsic approached Hudson-Powell while it was still in its incubation stage at Google X as it wanted to revisualise its offering and improve its communication around marketing the industry-defining product.

The new tool reduces entry costs for productivity tools, allowing for improved synergy between software and development products, so robotics needn't be reserved for wealthy businesses only. The development of this tool will allow robots to become more usable and dependable tools —accessible to businesses across all industries. The state-of-the-art AI tool can respond to new problems and find highly-efficient solutions without needing high-level user expertise.

Hudson-Powell's solution means that the Intrinsic platform can solve complicated problems by simulating thousands of potential outcomes. The Intrinsic Tool is an image and video-making platform that creates semi-abstract visualisations that replicate real-world robotic motion. Users can customise the motion, camera and aesthetic parameters, as seen in each scene, to allow for various types of brand outputs. The team has also built a web-native app for the tool.

Using bold, brutalist language and minimalist typography, the tool offers a simplified user experience that can layer more technical and expressive formats as necessary. The design team also created a series of UI and illustrative icons across the identity.

Just as the personal computing revolution enabled everyone to access computers, industrial robotics is now on the cusp of a similar shift. Hudson-Powell's work on Intrinsic's new brand identity and tool cements its position at the forefront of this new robotics revolution while making this product available to all businesses that might benefit from it.


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