Inspiring student work by graphic design's next generation, made during the pandemic

Want to see some eye-catching, fresh and original design work? Then it's always worth keeping an eye on the latest batch of graduates from Shillington, the leading design school offering short and intensive courses in the US, USA, Australia and since 2020, online.

Branding for Writers' Museum by Lin Loke. All images courtesy of Shillington and its students.

Branding for Writers' Museum by Lin Loke. All images courtesy of Shillington and its students.

To give you an idea of the amazing work that Shillington students create, below we bring together some of the best work from the class of 2020. Yes, despite graduating under lockdown and in the shadow of the pandemic, these students still managed to create spectacular work.

Check out these great designs below, and if you fancy studying design at Shillington yourself, then visit Shillington's website today.

1. Footloose Tea Co. Packaging by Deanna Rosa

Deanna Rosa graduated from Shillington, New York, last year and is currently working as a junior designer at Cramdyn. Her quirky little tea brand evokes head-in-the-clouds kind of days: sitting on the porch, newspaper in hand, watching the world roll on by.

2. Reverie Sleep Store Branding by Charlotte Jepson

A graduate of Shillington Manchester, Charlotte Jepson is a designer and illustrator with a keen interest in brand identity and packaging design. Tasked with creating a new identity for a Sleep Store in New York, her branding takes inspiration from the Renaissance and the idea of rebirth. This historic cultural reset is given a contemporary feel which reflects the energy found only on the bustling streets of the Big Apple.

3. Writers' Museum Branding by Lin Loke

Shillington London graduate Lin Loke was born and bred in Singapore and Malaysia and is currently working as a designer and photographer in the UK. Her refreshed identity for Chicago's Writers Museum aims to reveal another side of the writers it celebrates, focusing on their individual characters and journeys.

4. Cherub Drop Branding by Jim Idanan

Jim Idanan is a graphic designer and illustrator from Manila, currently based in Melbourne, where he graduated from Shillington last year. For this branding for a food drone delivery service, Jim created a bespoke logotype to make it stand out and appear more approachable, as well as a secondary logo in the form of a cherub to give it personality.

5. Polyphonic App by Jarra Naughton

Jarra Vreman-Naughton is currently working as a designer at Doubestar Co, as well as working freelance. She graduated from Shillington Sydney last year, where she crafted this digital project: an app for Polyphonic, a platform for people who are passionate about new and underground music.

6. The Mill Event Space Branding by Helen Tong

Shillington London graduate Helen Tong is a graphic designer with a passion for creating brand identities. Her branding for The Mill, a multi-purpose event space based in Dundee and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, takes influences from Hadid's architecture and Dundee's heritage. For example, the logomark reflects the curves of the building, while the vibrant colour palette is based on the landscapes of the Tay Country where Dundee is situated.

7. Return to the Wilderness Identity by Tarek Elkaffas

Tarek Elkaffas is an artist, designer and developer who graduated from Shillington Melbourne last year and is currently freelancing. He created this event identity as part of his course, which is striking in its boldness and simplicity.

8. Bent Spoon Packaging by Luke Dawson

Luke Dawson is a designer and graduate of Shillington New York, who brings elements of play and the human hand to his design solutions. His branding for ice cream brand Bent Spoon folds surrealist flair into its flavours and identity through indulgent type and phantasmic photography.

9. Strange Beast Packaging by Jack Roylance

Jack Roylance is an illustrator and graphic designer who's been freelancing for just over a year after graduating from Shillington Brisbane. His packaging for mid-price wine Strange Beast is inspired by Australia's long history of accounts of strange animals. Some, like the platypus, are real; others, like drop bears and giant spiders, have yet to be verified.

10. Damn Ruth Packaging by Theresa Huber

Theresa Huber is a designer and graduate of Shillington Sydney, where she created this packaging for the vegan cookie dough brand, Damn Ruth. It avoids all the hoary old design cliches surrounding most vegan products and instead presents something sassy, vibrant and original, particularly when it comes to colour choices.

11. Dotty Bike Share App/Website by Brie Polley

Brie Polley is a graphic designer and Shillington graduate based in East London. Her app and website designs for Dotty, a bike-share company with a difference, are suitably quirky, fun and eye-catching.

12. After Hours Campaign by Lara Neck

A graduate of Shillington Brisbane, Lara Neck is currently working as a graphic designer at Peppa Hart. This project involves her crafting branding for After Hours, a collection inspired by leisure, the afternoon sun and taking a moment to pause.

13. Polyphonic Annual Report by Tom Carling

Tom Carling is a graphic designer based in Middlesbrough and a graduate of Shillington Manchester. For his digital presentation of the music platform Polyphonic's annual report, the landing pages (headlined 'Let the music find you') suggest Polyphonics' superior capability of bringing undiscovered eclectic treasures to the fingertips of their users. This is visually represented by sound waves travelling down the site, 'finding' individuals as it goes whilst also guiding the reader through the report.

Study at Shillington

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