Insider Guides: Beautifully illustrated guidebooks for students in Australia

We absolutely love these stunning illustrations by Sydney-based designer, Andrew Fairclough. Created as guidebooks for international students studying in Australia, each full page illustration covers various aspects of student life – from adventure to food, and nightlife to fashion.

His biography reads: "After a misspent youth completing a Business Degree, Andrew moved on to designing skate and snowboard graphics in between bouts of self-instruction and full time work in a design agency."

Andrew's distinct style has since caught the attention of a range of international clients, including GQ, ESPN Magazine, Amex, Penguin Books, Billabong, Ride Snowboards, Nike, Miller Lite, Jack Daniels, Little White Lies, Random House, Wired, Playboy, and The Critical Slide Society.

Inspired by mid-century spot illustrations and design as well as vintage sci-fi, comics, surrealism, DIY art culture, and the textural wonders of degraded print, each beautiful drawing conjures satisfying feelings of nostalgia. You can discover more at

Via Behance | All images copyright of Andrew Fairclough


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