Abstract artworks transform musical rhythms into surreal, inky landscapes

Born in 1954 in Taiwan, Calvin Teng has been a contemporary painter for the past two decades.

For him, life has always been "exploring deep into the vast unknown". In his artistic career, he has ventured into the fields of folk music as a singer/songwriter, been a published author, and has even managed his own restaurant. Additionally, Calvin has dedicated 30 years to perfecting his craft in children's theatre as a director, playwright, and actor.

During his travels in 1995, Calvin was fortunate to encounter a master painter from Singapore. Under his guidance, he found his love and passion for abstract painting – a form he was previously unacquainted with. In time, Calvin ultimately shifted his paradigm from composing realism to abstract.

In the artist's work, you can see fluid lines and brushstrokes that are like distinct rhythms, inversions, harmonies, counterpoints or variations expressed in music. In Calvin’s lyrical space, he uses forms, clusters and colours to exhibit the beauty of landscapes in the modern art arena.

His pieces depict many different forms of nature: dripping, splashing, resilience, cruelty, misty and murkiness. Through creating landscape art, Calvin spawns metaphors to resemble the harmonious and solemn beauty of the earth. Discover a curated selection of the artist's work here.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy and copyright of Calvin Teng


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