Incredibly detailed journal covers crafted entirely from polymer clay and jewels

Have you ever dreamed about turning your hobby into a business? Do you wish you could quit your day job to do what you love while still paying the bills? That's exactly what happened to London-based artist Aniko Kolesnikova, also known as Mandarin Duck.

When she began to share her incredible journals with front covers sculpted entirely from polymer clay and other materials such as miniature plastic jewels, she grabbed the world's attention – literally attracting hundreds of new customers overnight. Her creative hobby was so much in demand, Aniko was booked up with orders for six months, and even reached a point when she could quit her day job working as a photo retoucher at a fashion studio, to focus on her handmade products full-time.

Crafting the most beautiful journals, book covers and Kindle cases – her work is so unique and precious it can never be relegated to the charity shop bag. From intricate dragons and fantastic foxes to wise owls and majestic eagles, every product is lovingly handmade and you can even choose your own theme. Prices start from £150 for an A6 front cover only.

Discover more at or follow Aniko on Instagram. To find out how to craft your own polymer clay covers, Aniko has helpfully created her own video tutorials.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of the artist


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