52 Weeks of Freaks: Illustrator challenges himself to draw one character every week for a year

52 Weeks of Freaks is an adventure into the bizarre, character design of Leeds-based artist, Jaypee – also known as Jonny Packham – where each week, for a whole year, he challenged himself to draw one weird and wonderful creature for our viewing pleasure. Now set for a new book, containing all 52 of the full colour illustrations – see Kickstarter to pledge your support and make it happen.

Most of the time, the characters were inspired by either an event, fact, word, overheard conversation or experience from each week. Speaking of the project, Jonny said: "My only aim was to improve the way I conceive ideas as an image maker. As the weeks turned into months, and gradually a year – amongst an explosion of art and life, a set of characters emerged. They not only began to define my stylistic approach as an illustrator, but also became a visual diary with each character being an observation of the world around me.

"Each one of these characters holds a value to me and symbolises every week of the last year of my life. I have compiled these characters into this book in the hope that you will find inspiration in it, and help stoke your creative fires. The book contains 52 full colour illustrations, each with a description and some fact nuggets about their lives, hobbies, habits, likes and dislikes, careers and pastimes. I've been told it's a funny read!"

Fancy getting to know Jonny's creatures yourself? Give him some love over on Kickstarter, visit his website at www.jaypeeart.com or follow him on Instagram

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of the artist.


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