Visual identity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Flatpack Film Festival

When it came to this year's Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham, the organisers Ian Francis and Pip McKnight needed something extra special for its visual identity, given that they'd be celebrating the event's 10th anniversary.

Known as the UK's most creatively curated film festival, the pressure was on to stand out – without straying away from its established graphic identity of the inverted 'F'.

Calling on the graphic design talents of Justin Hallström – with art direction from Hannah Myatt and photography from Rob Wilson – Justin crafted an identity that plays on the name of being flat, but with a three dimensional element. He explained: "Breaking apart the inverted F and placing the panels on different levels gives it a depth and also lets it move into more deconstructed layouts.

"This flat approach to 3D gives the identity a new dimension that clearly relates back to the graphic identity established over previous years. A range of different layouts was then photographed to give the identity depth and flexibility."

The visual was used to advertise the festival through printed programmes, posters and leaflets, while a more graphic version was used for the volunteer t-shirts.


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