'I'm Done' is the resounding cry behind a new campaign by Rens Original that calls for gender equality

Today, on International Women's Day, the women of Rens Original have collaborated with Sonya Barlow to write, direct and produce a short film to raise their voices against inequality and encourage all women to not settle for anything less.

Titled I'm Done, the video presents various women voicing their frustration at all challenges and stereotypes they face in their everyday personal and professional lives. Despite their different backgrounds and nationalities, these women have all experienced the same discriminations and share the same desires – to be heard, to be respected, to be equal and most importantly, to stop having to fight for what they deserve.

It's a powerful campaign that will feel all too familiar and taps into how many of us are feeling more than ever. Are you done with random men privately messaging you on Twitter, telling you where you're going wrong? Had enough of the mansplaining and unsolicited advice, as if you're a complete moron and can't figure things out for yourself? Done with the questions about when you're going to have children... Why you're instead "obsessed with your career" and what your husband thinks? Can't handle any more snide remarks from men who think they can pass off their bullying as "jokes"? The pats on the head? The lack of respect? Even worse, the virtue signalling and supposed support from men who really, are no different? Yeah, I'm done too.

If you've not yet heard, Rens calls itself a group of "diverse sneakerheads" all united under a common cause: "making the ultimate sustainable sneaker for the culture and the planet". As a "proud immigrant-owned-and-operated startup" with team members from over nine countries and three continents, Rens says it's fully committed to equality for all. "It's not just a core value, it's who we are," says the team behind the Finland-based sustainable-fashion brand.

Sonya Barlow is a TEDx speaker and founder of the Like Minded Females Network, a non-profit that bridges the skills gap through workshops, mentorship and community. Sonya joined the women of Rens in this short to share her own experiences and those of her community to promote strength and courage, not only on 8 March but also the remaining 364 days of the year.

"Gender equality will take another 100 years to achieve, according to the UN. Unfortunately, I don't have 100 years to wait," says Sonya. "Equality is required to create equity. Equity is considering something as an asset – and 'womxn', are an asset."


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