10 smart digital marketing tools to boost your business in 2017

When faced with quieter periods, you’ll undoubtedly dedicate some time to your marketing. Whether you’re selling your crafts online or hoping to land your next design project, you’ll want to make people aware that you’re open for business.

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

From improving your website, so it attracts more customers to boosting your videos or social updates, the following fresh marketing tools should help you enjoy a successful year.

1. Crazy Egg

Want to know how people are interacting with your website? Crazy Egg offers heat maps that show where visitors click, how far they scroll and when they're leaving your site. You can start a free trial, and then pay a monthly fee after that. Handy, if you also deal with clients who are looking for insights and ideas to improve their websites.

2. Wistia

If you're running a lot of video campaigns on YouTube, Wistia is a helpful tool that offers powerful analytics. It's also a platform that provides fully responsive, smooth playback video hosting with no ads. Perfect for when YouTube isn't good enough.

3. Keyhole

Are you trying to build followers and engagement on your social media channels? Always struggling to decide which hashtag to use for Twitter and Instagram? Keyhole gives you detailed analytics on any hashtag, and even shows you demographics and impressions. It will also reveal the most influential users tweeting or posting those hashtags, so you can see who to target.

4. Bananatag

Want to know what happens after you've sent an email? Bananatag lets you track with Gmail and Outlook, giving you email open and click data with real-time insight to help you continually improve your email campaigns.

5. Edgar

Want to double your traffic? Edgar is the tool of your dreams for 2017. It reuses your best content on social media to bring in more views. Everything you publish with Edgar is categorised, so you build a library of old content, ready to send out again. And you can schedule content within particular categories while recycling anything that proves popular. It promises to transform your social media management.

6. Socedo

When you're tackling deadlines or dealing with orders, who has time to search for potential customers? This is where Socedo will help. It's a B2B demand generation tool that automates lead generation, finding your next leads to target – simply by monitoring your social media channels.

7. Crowdfire

Labelled as your "super-smart marketing sidekick", Crowdfire gets to know you, and it connects and analyses all your accounts. Tell it what you want to be famous for, and connect your websites, blogs and social media channels – and Crowdfire will help you grow using all of them.

8. SumoMe

If you're writing a lot of content on your blog, you'll want others to share it as much as possible. SumoMe makes it easy for your visitors to do just that. And the more people share your website and content, the more viral traffic you attract.

9. Visual Website Optimizer

Use Visual Website Optimizer to tweak, optimise and personalise your website, with plans starting from just $49 per month. This smart tool is also helpful if you want to A/B test different web designs/layouts for a client.

10. Agora Pulse

You've tried all the social media management tools out there, but have you seen Agora Pulse yet? It's a simple and affordable platform that allows you to manage all social media messages in one place. You can also schedule and publish content and get "stunning" reports. Never miss a tweet, message or comment ever again.


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