Illustrations by Camila Nogueira that drip with pastel tones and elegant lines to depict golden hour around the world

Using pastel tones, a whole load of pink and playing with delicate light, shadow, and elegant lines, Camila Nogueira's illustrations of landscapes and cities are inspired by Japanese woodblock printing and Franco-Belgian comics.

They also happen to be based on sunrises or sunsets – that perfect "golden hour" when the world seems to take on a whole new tone. "I'm inspired by nature itself. The early morning and the afternoon soft colours, the birds flying, the light hitting the city buildings and the water, the shapes, the sky colour gradients – it's a magical moment."

Based in Porto, the freelance artist describes her work as "realistic" and "picking influences from the real world" while blending them with "fantasy elements and colours". She combines simple linework with pastel colour gradients to depict that "morning or afternoon calm".

She adds: "I am also a big fan of Ukiyo-e from the Edo period. The way the Japanese depicted landscapes, fauna, and flora, and how they treated the light inspires me a lot." As for the comics she draws inspiration from, Camila points to The Adventures of Tintin (Hergé), Asterix, and Blueberry (Charlier & Giraud, aka Moebius).

Camila studied visual arts, did a bachelor in Communication Design (Faculty of Fine Art Oporto's University) and a Masters in Animation and Illustration. "My first job was working as a designer in a small studio in Porto, but I quickly realised that it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to get a part-time job and try a career as a freelance, focusing mostly illustration."

It's so far, so good for Camila who has since attracted her own clients, developed her skills with online classes and enjoyed various side projects along the way. Find out more at


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