Illustrated landscapes transport onlookers to dream-like scenes

Escape into another world with these enticing illustrations by James Eade, a UK-based senior designer and art director who has worked for the likes of Sony, Yahoo!, Betfair, Times Online, Red Bull and Vodafone, to name but a few.

Speaking of this particular series, he said: "The illustrations have a theme of nature and a variety of land and cityscapes running through this collection. They are heavily inspired by recent trips to both the Canadian Rockies and Alaska. I like creating what would be typical landscapes and treating them with colour palettes that you wouldn’t normally expect.

"Living and working in London, which is pretty dense and busy all the time, I like working on these pieces as a kind of escapism."

Eade's specialism is in digital design and branding, however, his passion also extends to print design and illustration. Discover more at


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