Glass 'Jellyfish' showcase fine craftsmanship through contemporary, colourful art

Renowned for her artistic creations known as 'Jellyfish', Daniela Forti combines a diverse range of bright and bold colours, entwined with intricately crafted glass work, to produce a unique style of contemporary art.

Born in Rome, Forti initially studied architecture and interior design. After moving to Chianti, Tuscany she opened her own workshop and began to collaborate with various glassmakers. After many years of exploring diverse mediums, Daniela started to research the dualism between light and glass, and finally found her own artistic technique.

Sparking a passion and individual style, she has made numerous creations through her melted, glass-fusion process. Striking originality, Daniela’s Jellyfish combine vivid colours and malleable shapes, gaining a new, metaphysical essence. Her signature, meticulous, hand-built design reflects a real passion for nature, architecture and craft.

If Daniela’s artisan aquatics have inspired you, discover more at


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