How would you like to live in a house made of cardboard?

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

There are pros and cons to inhabiting a house made entirely from cardboard. Perhaps the most obvious con is that it wouldn't do too well in the rain. However, Zoey Taylor and David Connelly of the artist collective Dosshaus have created House of Cardboard – somewhere I'd happily move into.

In the photographs, apart from Taylor herself, everything is made entirely from cardboard. The furniture, dress, camera, typewriter and even violin, have all been hand-crafted from the simple materials of cardboard, paint and glue. The resulting items have a pop-cartoonish look, and an air of 1950's interior fashion about them.

Both Taylor and Connelly, who met in 2010 – bring their individual skills to the project – with Taylor constructing each detailed, cardboard piece, and Connelly doing the photography. Check out some of their other projects here.