The gigantic party that contains a thousand layers of drunken debauchery

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

Sanda Anderlon is a visual artist and illustrator from Croatia who loves to make both static and animated works, ranging in style - from metaphorical eye-candies, childish cartoons or old-school pen on paper studies to extra large, collaged and narrative visual feasts.

With this particular giant print, entitled The Party – which we've split down into separate artworks to show you the detail – Anderlon depicts a large gathering turning into a drunken jungle as the sun starts to rise. A colourful mashup, containing over a thousand layers, it's a light satirical study of human behaviour, spiced up with metaphors and hyperbolas here and there.

She explained: "I tend to blend vintage ephemera with evergreen human sentiments in portraying old and instant friendships, introverts and extroverts, soulmates and love affairs."

Like what you see? Discover more of Anderlon's work at her website: or you can purchase your own giant The Party print over on Etsy.