The beautiful context of parked cars and their surrounding architecture

in Inspiration / Photography

French and New York-based photographer Franck Bohbot explores the relationships between parked cars and the surrounding architecture in this wonderful series of photographs.

Some models are modern, others are classically vintage. Some are well kept, while others have been left to rot. Weirdly, the cars seem to match their environments, either in the context of colour or overall appearance. For example, a brand new sports car is shown in front of a drive-in restaurant with neon lights, while rustier cars are parked in front of empty lots and failed businesses.

The artist's statement reads: “While manipulating colour with great precision, he highlights the soft subtleties of this relationship by playing with melancholic light and chromatics. Each one of Bohbot’s series features these photographic intentions — through their enigmatic atmosphere, documentary-style approach, and timeless feel, we are transported to a dreamy, velvety, and nearly infinite visual paradise.”