Highlands: Eden Reeve imagines a future Scotland, littered with robotic ruins

On wandering around the D&AD New Blood festival last week, I discovered the work of Eden Reeve, a recent Illustration graduate from the Edinburgh College of Art. Appealing to my obsession with all things dystopian and apocalyptic, it would seem the concept artist enjoys similar interests as her artworks centre around themes of sci-fi, space and the "expectations of the future".

For this particular body of work, entitled Highlands, Eden created a series of illustrations set in a future Scotland. "Throughout the Highlands and the Pentlands of Edinburgh, scattered robotic ruins and marks have been permanently left in the landscape," she explains. "Highlands focuses on themes of organics meeting technology, the old and new, and the idea of consumption and pollution."

She continues: "The plot follows a wanderer and her friendship towards three P.1.G Farming Units she has found in an undisturbed part of the northern Highlands, tending to an abandoned village. The antagonist, the Cat Sith, roams the landscapes in search of power and energy to consume. When the P.1.G's are forced to leave their secluded, self-contained village they embark on a new adventure."

These incredible pieces are initially sketched in pen and then developed further in digital formats such as Photoshop and Blender. Her sculptures are all 3D printed and hand-painted. Discover more of her work at edenreeve.com.


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