From Amsterdam to Dubrovnik: Photographer spends four years documenting Europe

In 2014, Chinese photographer Xu Xuehan flew to Holland to begin a four-year project that would take him around Europe, travelling on to Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Croatia.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

His resulting series, Seize the Moment, refers to the Chinese idiom, "catch the wind and seize the shadow", where, similarly, he captures those fleeting, often enchanting moments in life.

On show at London's Menier Gallery from today, 24 July, Xu's images capture the beauty in the ordinary such as a busker playing the guitar, a couple kissing and an old car parking in a corner. Xu also explores the contrasts of old and new in the modern environment and takes inspiration from each city he visits.

"The typical ancient castle, landmark church, desolate border town, international modern city and the people who frequent there," explains Xu. "It's about making them feel that the distance between reality and history is only that door you need to open."

Born in Jiangsu province, China, in 1980, Xu Xuehan holds a Masters in Photographer and Bachelor's degree in Photography and Media Art from Nanjing Normal University. Today, he is a lecturer and Dean of the Photography department at Sanjiang University. Seize the Moment by Xu Xuehan launches today at the Menier Gallery, London.


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