Sam Hinton's illustrations of happy characters look on the bright side of life

Prominently on show at this year's D&AD New Blood festival, on one of the many stands, we spotted the work of Sam Hinton, an illustrator and recent graduate of Falmouth University. "Since my time at school I've always taken my passion for drawing seriously," he says. "Spending years filling sketchbooks I continue to explore the weird and surreal nature of my imagination."

And weird and wonderful it really is. With a lightness and positivity resonant throughout, Sam uses a bright and colourful palette to create illustrations full of happy characters, going about their daily business. Speaking to Sam about the various pieces we've shared with you here, it's clear Sam's own character is reflected in his work. For example, for one of his illustrations, he said: "I felt inspired to create a piece that captured the rolling countryside and the warm sunset glow I often experienced whilst studying at Falmouth University. The true beauty that's on our doorstep."

We also love the artwork featured above, which was inspired by a quote by John Muir that read "Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence." Sam explains: "I took this and used it as my basis to create an artwork in relation to our natural sense of curiosity. We all enjoy venturing into the unknown, it is what fuels our sense of being and progression in life."

To brighten your day further, visit Sam's website at or follow him on Instagram @samfredhinton.


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