FutureBrand creates joyful identity for a new organic and sustainable Beaujolais wine

FutureBrand has created the brand identity and packaging for La Famille K, a new range of organic, sustainable and affordable wines, harvested in the Beaujolais region of France.

Beaujolais wines can suffer a mixed reputation, so the global agency needed to overcome this obstacle by conveying the high quality of La Famille K wines while staying true to its humble ambition: "to produce organic and sustainable fine wines that are desirable and affordable for all".

Charlotte Gosset at FutureBrand, said: "An essential challenge we had to face with this project was to stand out from an overcrowded category with a truly unique and embodied story: La Famille K have two bottles of wine to represent each family member, one red, one white. We used this opportunity to personalise the labels of the wines offering a quirkiness and personality unique to La Famille K. The result is fun and playful, capturing the spirit of the family through jubilant yet uncomplicated illustrations."

As part of the project, FutureBrand designed a family crest for La Famille K. A 'K' within a coat of arms, it creates a contemporary sense of heritage around the wine and each bottle has its own variation on the crest depending on which family member the wine represents. For example, Jeanne is the daughter and heiress to the business and so her "youthful, curious outlook" is embodied in the designs for the younger wines, whereas Benoit, the father who takes on the main farming duties of the vineyard, is embodied in the designs for the "mature – but not overpowering" wines.

The K in the crest of all the labels is also used to divide the crest design into three sections: a coloured section to indicate the maturity of the wine in harmony with the maturity of the family member it represents; a section to express one of the senses used to drink wine which is reminiscent of the family member the wine is inspired by; a section with an illustrated picture to convey the spirit of the family member embodied in the wine.


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