For the Love of Food: Photography series explores where our produce comes from

The With Love Project basically combines all the best things in, drink, and travel. So seriously, what's not to like? Its team has recently launched a campaign on to raise money towards making its beautiful new book of photography.

Celebrating the people that Chris Roberts (Art Director) and Rob Evans (Photographer) have met on their travels, the striking images are paired with personal stories. Now in its third year, the With Love Project aims to find people who produce things with a passion and a purpose, who truly care about what they do and what they make.

For the latest series, For the love of food, the focus is on food and drink. The duo has visited 25 producers for the book, seeing them travel to the top of the country to witness David and Ben Oakes hand diving for Scallops on the Isle of Skye, and to the bottom for a very unique British tea plantation in Cornwall.

Rob said: “The visits for this book have drastically changed our outlook on how we eat. We now understand the power of eating locally, both economically and from a community focus. We appreciate the benefits of using seasonal produce, reducing food miles and drastically increasing taste. We also have great respect for the producers we’ve met and the practices that go into getting the food onto our plate.”

Chris added: “We want to celebrate the people we’ve met and share the knowledge we’ve gained and do it in a beautiful book. One that captures the individual stories, the processes involved and gives the reader a better understanding of what’s available right here on our doorstep.”

The project so far has been entirely self-funded and in order to create the limited edition hardback book, the pair are looking to crowd fund the printing. They will be working with GF Smith to find the best FSC paper while using vegetable based inks. The print run will be limited to 1000. Support the campaign here.

All images courtesy of Chris Roberts & Rob Evans


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