10 blogs worth reading to help you become a better freelancer (and human)

It's September. You've got that 'back to school' feeling. You're thirsty for knowledge. You want to learn new things. Allow Creative Boom to assist with our roundup of 10 blogs worth reading to help you become a better freelancer and even a kinder human being.

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Covering topics such as mental well-being and how to be more productive to the science behind why we are who we are and essential tips on entrepreneurship, these websites are on our daily reading list and come highly recommended. (You won't find any annoyingly vacuous click-bait articles here!)

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1. Ideas by TED

Ideas by TED is brought to you by... you guessed it, TED. For you, however, we'd recommend the Business section. Latest articles include 'Five interview questions that will help you hire better people' and 'Three practically painless ways to expand your network'. It's handy stuff if you run your own business.

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2. 99U

99U is the magazine by Behance and Adobe. Although it isn't updated that often these days, there's always something fresh each week to sink your teeth into. From gaining insights from some of the world's biggest and best creatives to sharing career advice and tips on running a business, it's an essential read for any discerning freelancer.

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3. Longreads

More of an 'expand your mind and widen your perspective' type blog, Longreads is intelligent long-form journalism that gets to the heart of topical issues and modern culture. Although it's the less obvious choice for this list, we encourage you to bookmark it, as the writing is excellent and – as a freelancer (and human being) – you really should know what's going on in the world.

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4. Science of Us

The Science of Us takes a closer look at human behaviour and, in the process, teaches us how to become better freelancers (and people). From tricking yourself into feeling wide awake when you've had no sleep to dealing with anxiety. From understanding why you'll feel happier if you let yourself feel bad to de-stressing by talking about yourself in the third person – this is truly a fascinating and worthwhile read.

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5. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is about "finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness" — brought to you by Leo Babauta. We love his latest article on how to train yourself to stay focused – super handy tips for any freelancer.

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6. Wealthsimple magazine

If you're useless with money or need some advice on saving, then Wealthsimple's online magazine is an excellent resource that offers financial information as well as interviews with celebs about money. Trick yourself into saving loads of money, discover the best finance apps to make your life better and enjoy a totally-not-boring guide to life insurance – just some of the recent articles from this recommended website.

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7. Thrive Global

"More than living. Thriving." – That's the promise by Thrive Global, an exciting blog that delivers great content on topics including well-being, wisdom, wonder, purpose, work smarter and unplug and recharge. We love its recent posts on how to set boundaries in the age of burnout and why our world needs mindful leaders. A reliable go-to blog for some smart writing.

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8. Nautilus

More of a science lovers blog, but still relevant to any freelancer, Nautilus tells you about science and its endless connections to our lives. Each month it chooses a single topic. And each Thursday it publishes a new chapter on that topic online. Incredible insights which combine the sciences, culture and philosophy.

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9. Aeon

One of our favourites, Aeon is a magazine that publishes some of the most profound and provocative thinking, asking big questions and finding original answers, provided by leading thinkers on science, philosophy, society and the arts. For anyone interested in creativity, it's a must-read.

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10. Hacker News

More of a content curation site with articles voted up by its members; Hacker News tends to attract a tech-savvy crowd, so don't be put off if you visit and see nothing but posts about software. Amongst the top 30, there'll be the odd interesting specimen for those of us who aren't as technical. Expect great suggestions, as this is a smart community. Top tip: don't forget to read the comments.

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