Eerie new Ian Brown video reimagines the singer as an animatronic Zoltar figure

Swaggering, tambourine-tinkering former Stone Roses frontman and “King Monkey” Ian Brown has just released his new single From Chaos To Harmony, with a disquietingly compelling video created by John Nolan Studio.

The studio is also behind the complex animatronics for the short, which sees Brown take on the figure of a seaside pier Zoltar-type fortune teller.

A young boy is shown on a wet, blustery night at Southend-on-Sea pier in Essex, downtrodden until he realises he can make a wish–but only if he activates Brown/Zoltar first, a downright terrifying figure. Coins duly inserted, Brown begins singing his song, of course. Our little lad (wearing a Manchester United top, natch) seems thrilled.

The real Ian Brown also makes an appearance, sauntering about and looking only marginally less frightening than his puppet counterpart. As the “chaos” of the single’s name suggests, things for Zoltar/Brown take a strange and dramatic turn. But we’re not going to spoil that for you.

John Nolan Studio has previously worked on projects including the tongue-twisting video for Bjork’s Mouth Mantra, as well as projects for clients including McVitie’s, Sainsbury’s and Adidas.

The single is taken from Brown’s album Ripples—his first solo album in a decade— which was released in February.


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