Edoardo Tresoldi's colossal Renaissance architecture painstakingly built out of wire mesh

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi has designed and built a series of incredible large-scale artworks for a royal event in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Dubai-based studio Designlab Experience.

Made entirely out of wire mesh, the architectural structures required three months of planning and development, before they were installed to cover 7,000 square metres of outdoor space. The idea was to envision a garden where "architecture and nature dance together in continuous connections and contrasts, whose peculiarities, in the Renaissance meaning, are filtered, absorbed and interpreted by the contemporary man".

Taking cues from classical and modern architecture, Tresoldi crafted spheres, cubes, pillars and planes to create a stunning wonderland, all lit from both above and below to make the huge structures stand out at night. Discover more of Tresoldi's latest works at edoardotresoldi.com.

All images by photographer Roberto Conte, and courtesy of Edoardo Tresoldi