The positive power of a Duke of Edinburgh Award is hit home by ARC's animated stories

London animation and illustration studio ARC is behind this series of short films featuring real and honest stories from young people about their experiences of mental health issues.

Created for the Duke of Edinburgh Award to demonstrate how it has helped them overcome such challenges and build confidence, it covers everything from losing a parent to cancer and anger issues to being bullied and finding sisterhood.

With illustrations by Stef Murphy and sound design by Joe Watkinson, it's part of the latest campaign by Do DofE to highlight its programme for people aged 14-24 years old which, when complete, leads to a bronze, silver or gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

ARC listened to inspiring stories from Lira, George, Catherine and Lucy and brought them to life through colourful 2D animation. With 19-year-old Lira, we hear about her experience of bullying at school and how the DofE taught her "it's what's inside that counts", ultimately leading her to start a poetry club and win a gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Today, she is studying Marine Biology at Bangor University.

The series of animations is uplifting, positive and full of optimism, showing what is truly possible when young people are allowed to realise their potential.


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