Droga5 London dials up the volume with new brand identity for music platform DMY

Music platform DMY.CO supports artists and their music and aims to encourage their potential growth. When looking at relaunching the brand, the company enlisted the help of Droga5 London to make sure its creative assets aligned with its vision and broader mission.

The outcome was a series of visuals to highlight just how DMY nurtures the potential of its artists through the reimagining of what full volume would look like.

Oli East, a senior designer at Droga5, said: "We wanted to create an identity for DMY that conveyed the raw energy the brand has for artists and their music. Volume is at the heart of the design, so we added visual volume to the graphics to show how the platform dials up from normal to full volume to champion their artistry and help them reach a wider audience."

By blurring the brand logo to the edge of legibility, the team could allude to DMY's commitment to supporting its artists to reach their maximum potential and reflect the brand's passion for supporting its musical output.

As an artist-servicing company and media platform – that helps emerging artists gain success by building traction and generating revenue – it was vital that a sense of encouragement and elevation was reflected in its visual identity.

Paul Benney, CEO of DMY, said: "We needed a new identity that combined the different elements of the company into a unified whole, with a single vision, and Droga5 have totally nailed it. We wanted the brand to have an edge but also to be commercial, and they have achieved that too. The new brand is beginning a new chapter for DMY, and we can't wait to see where it takes us in 2023."

DMY distributes its artists' music via streaming services, collecting their publishing income and promoting them editorially in its online magazine – which harks back to the company's origins as a music magazine Dummy which pioneered the promotion, discovery and support of new music artists throughout the last 15 years.


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