Drip For Drip: Quirky, themed illustrations brighten up paper coffee cups

Wijtze Valkema is an illustrator currently working in Meppel, the Netherlands. After graduating in 2005 with a qualification in graphic design, and then undertaking an internship with a small design firm in Seattle, Wijtze decided to embark on a freelance career.

"My design work had a strong lean towards illustration, and over the years I developed an illustration style that I was comfortable with using commercially. I enjoy the fast-paced, single-image world of editorial illustration and really like how my artwork both illustrates an article as well as tells a story of its own. I also love seeing my work translated to product and packaging design, apparel, identity and branding."

As a result, the illustrator set up a project called Drip for Drip, which invites designers to trade paper coffee cup designs – like Pokemon cards, if you will.

"Our cups are printed, photographed and curated on the site as well as on Instagram. The editions we've done so far were based on themes like Halloween, Animal Day, Earth Day and Cycling with artists like Bratislav Milenkovic, Chi Birmingham, Lydia Nichols and Rachel Briggs. The Instagram posts are accompanied by short profiles of the participating artists where we discuss art, our work process and coffee."

Discover more on this quirky project at dripfordrip.format.com.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Wijtze Valkema


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