Deux et Quatre mix up a refreshing identity for retro restaurant Batinse in Quebec City

When Quebec City restaurant Batinse wanted to stir up its entire look, it called upon local design and photography firm Deux et Quatre to craft a new identity that would roll out across its entire branding – from the stationery and menus to the imagery and website.

Enjoying somewhat of a retro twist, Batinse is located in trendy Old Quebec and combines traditional food and decor with contemporary flourishes. For the identity, Deux et Quatre mixed up collages from vintage illustrations with bright colours to match the spirit and heartiness of the cuisine. Everything from the cocktail menus and signage to the social avatars and food photography – they were all dished up to help re-launch the popular restaurant onto the local food and drink scene.

Deux et Quatre is made up of graphic designers Alain Chouinard and Simon Charles. For this particular project, the duo teamed up with designer Antoine Goulet. To discover more delicious work, visit


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