Dan Wilton's photo book Crane provides a sidelong glance at Swedish birdwatchers

For photographer Dan Wilton, a quiet walk in the gently rolling hills of the Vast Goth Land, along the shore of Lake Hornborgasjön became first an opportunity for a wry study, then a gentle lyric on normal human oddity, then a play on the observer observed and ultimately a narrative about form and space.

In his book Crane, Swedish birdwatchers are the subject of Wilton's lens. Comprising peaceful settings and beautiful landscapes, the photographs are a joy to view.

Dan explains: "Earlier this year, I spent some time in Sweden with my pregnant wife. I’d planned to shoot a little series whilst we were out there, but hadn’t settled on one idea beforehand. I wanted to photograph something quietly and slowly, to balance out the noise of excitement and anticipation in my head with Sarah’s rapidly approaching due date.

"I toyed with a few ideas; one being a study of the traditional ’Falu’ rust red barns that dot the landscape, which I’ll probably come back to another time. I also thought about the ancient burial grounds that are scattered around Falköping and Västergötland, but then our friends mentioned Lake Hornborgasjön. It was the right time of year to see the Crane migration and the inherent humour of a flock of birdwatchers appealed, so I set off to take a look.

"I’m really not that interested in photographing birds - but when I got there and wandered around I was taken by the shapes of people as they watched and photographed. Without doubt it was the most solitary series I’ve ever shot. I decided I wanted to approach it from an oblique angle. I didn’t want to pose anyone, show anyone’s face or take any portraits. Most of the time, I really didn’t speak to anyone at all."

For more details or to buy the book, visit Blink Art.

All images courtesy of Dan Wilton / Blink Art


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