Daft studio name, very smart campaign for Adidas

Amateur(dot)rocks is the slightly obtuse name of the nomadic studio formed by José Bessega and Ivo Pallucchini.

The art directors and designers say they’re "focused on exploring concepts, simplifying (people) experiences and stimulating discussions about social issues." To them, they reckon, design is "a tool to generate bold and vibrant content with no-frills for brands, projects and people."

This recent project, which they worked on with Studio Lore, moves design into rather conceptual realms. The poster series entitled Decode – created for Adidas – makes print deliciously tactile to advertise the UltraBOOST19 high performance running shoe. “Looking beyond category norms of vector graphics and sports photography, we mined the bounty of the product design team’s workshop,” says the studio.

“The idea was to decode the design process and show the tireless thinking and creative experimentation that went into creating Adidas’ most advanced running shoe ever.

“Presenting the warped, beaten prototypes and maquettes, which most people would consider garbage, flew directly in the face of category conventions, appealing to real runners in an authentic, human way.”

The studio, which is currently based in Amsterdam, says that its ethos is that "ideas are outside office walls, in the streets where real people live and the action takes place." These posters sum that up pretty well, we'd say.


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