Coca-Cola unveils new cans with its iconic logo replaced by personalised 'resolutions'

Coca-Cola's new Open To Better campaign sees its can design radically overhauled, losing its logo and giving people the chance to design their own personalised cans.

The campaign is by Amsterdam agency 72andSunny and strives "for hope and optimism in 2021" looks to inspire customers to aim for better this year, in the wake of the general terribleness of the last 12 months, by focusing on "inspiring" resolutions.

The limited-edition cans, which are already on sale in Europe, use a minimalist aesthetic with scripty, hand-drawn-like type in a dedicated space to detail the customers' own resolution details, such as names. Messages include things like, "I promise to smile more just for you," "I will never take... for granted", and "I will... like never before" (funnily enough, Coca-Cola suggests "take a break for the latter," in a nice call-back to the "11.30 Diet Coke Break" hunk from the ads of yesteryear).

"The inspiration behind ‘Open To Betters' messages are our Coca‑Cola fans throughout Europe," says the brand. "We put a call out for people to share some of their most inspiring and fun resolutions, in return we received a series of light-hearted, authentic and personal stories that show how small acts and gestures can give us all hope for a better future."

Coca-Cola's GB marketing manager Bryony Lester adds that Coca-Cola aims to "use the power of our packaging to share resolutions of hope and positivity that we hope fans will enjoy sharing with their friends and family".

According to Coca-Cola, ‘Open To Better’ packs of Coca‑Cola Original Taste, Coca‑Cola zero sugar and Diet Coke will be available in stores across the UK in January. These allow customers to fill in their resolutions on packs by hand, but there's also a dedicated online store where people can have their own personalised cans printed at £3.50 each. They can also buy cans featuring celebrities' resolutions, such as Katy Perry's "I promise to meditate" can.


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